ELS has installed many different types of commercial landscape projects.  ELS has worked hard to improve and learn new types of low water use technologies, introduced on large scale irrigation systems.  From two wire systems to control individual irrigation valves, to booster pump systems for large parks or business parks.  ELS works hand and hand with the architects to the different irrigation and landscape material companies, to ensure every aspect of the project is researched and installed for long term success.

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    Working with homeowners can be some of the most rewarding projects ELS has and will experience.  Every project seems to have it own unique twist, whether it is the type of plant material the client elects to use or how each outdoor living space has a common theme or shade tree over it.  This is where the ELS staff, from the on-site crews and supervisors to the designer and office staff, provides home owners and smooth and stress free process from design to installation.  ELS knows that homeowners usually know what they want and sometimes just need a little more input to make their ideas become a reality.  These custom solutions allow homeowners to extend their living spaces from inside the home, to the outside where trees and shrubs flower throughout the year.



    ELS has installed thousands of individual front and backyards for our home builder partners.  ELS works with many wholesale nurseries on finding and installing the highest quality of trees and plants.  ELS also installs the irrigation and drainage systems, to properly maintain the front and backyard, allowing homeowners to settle in after they purchase their new home.  ELS can then help the individual homeowners, once they have moved in, with additional improvements they may want for their front or backyards.



    CSD & HOA

    In working with local community HOA's and CSD's, ELS have provided these communities with well designed and installed parks, community centers, roadside landscape improvements, and open space trail systems, where we people have the opportunity to enjoy their local open spaces and wild life.

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    ELS has been contracted with many State, City, or Local Communities on various types of projects ranging from freeways improvements to major erosion control/re-vegetation projects.  These types of projects require ELS to meet strict deadlines and maintain safety standards, not only for the employees, but the public who will be enjoying the benefits of these types of projects.

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    ELS has had the privilege to work on many commercial projects installing large retaining wall systems, perimeter community walls, water features, colored stamped concrete, decorative concrete paver systems, staircases, hand rails, driveways, sidewalks.....

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    By having the experience of working on not only commercial projects, but large to small residential projects as well, ELS has the crews and the ability to help homeowners with their specific needs.  Custom fireplaces, bbqs, raised masonry planters, natural stone retaining walls, acid stained concrete, fish ponds.....

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    In working with numerous home builders, ELS has been able to install hundreds of front and back yard hardscapes.  The goal of production home flatwork is to maintain the desired look and finish throughout the entire development.  By having the crews and ability to install anything from plain broom finish concrete to more intricate colored, stamped and sealed concrete, ELS provides our home builders the ability to provide their homeowners options for the look and style of their hardscapes.

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    CSD & HOA

    ELS has worked with many local HOA's and CSD with community or neighborhood projects or improvements.  These projects can vary from some minor concrete repair work to installing complete community parks, trail ways or street improvements.  These projects allow the HOA's or CSD's to be able to plan and install ideas generated by the homeowners and or elected board members, in a timely and professional manner when ELS is contracted for the job.

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    ELS has also partnered with many local cities and communities, including the state of California on various public improvement projects.  Know how important it is for these communities to see their local agencies investing in these type of projects, ELS strives to make sure the end product exceeds expectations and provides long term use.

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  • Residential to Commercial Landscape Maintenance

    ELS has provided maintenance to homeowners and property management firms, with the overall goal to not only maintain the landscape but consistently improve it.  Long term success of a landscape is greatly influenced with the weekly monitoring of the irrigation and plant/grass health.  Adjusting irrigation controllers, repairing leaking sprinkler heads or drip irrigation systems, can not only help keep monthly water bills stay low, but also prevent plant loss due to over saturated planter and turf areas.  Some homeowners, or property management firms, just want the basic low cost "mow and blow" service.  This maybe adequate for most of the year, but additional pruning, fertilizing and aerating are required to properly promote long term success for these landscape areas.  Then when additional services are required, above the normal maintenance needs, ELS can provide additional crews to help facilitate these improvements.  Another service ELS offers homeowners or property management services, is seasonal pruning.  This is helpful for when a landscape is maintained by a "mow and blow" weekly service, who are incapable of properly pruning.  ELS can then be hired to come in to prune and clean-up trees and shrubs with trained professionals, who can prune the tree and plant material the way the customer wants or needs it to be maintained.




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    The Benefit of "Turn-Key" Solutions

    ELS has the employees and staff to help clients with their projects, and handle all aspects of their outdoor use area improvements.  The benefit to hiring ELS to handle the entire project as a "Turn-Key" type of project, is the minimal time or stress our clients will encounter throughout the project.  Instead of the home owner or builder having to manage several different companies, contracts, meetings, scheduling, on-site changes/issues, payments, etc., ELS can provide one person to be the point of contact to manage all of this for them.  ELS has a highly trained and experienced office staff to manage all of the purchasing and delivery of materials needed, per project.  Generally, ELS will handle all aspects of the project with in house crews, but in the instance that an aspect of the build requires an outside supplier or contractor, ELS is licensed and insured to hire and manage other companies to make sure the overall project build is completed on time and within budget.


    Getting Started

    To get started on a "Turn- Key" project, ELS would set up a meeting to discuss the overall project goals, timeline and budget.  Once ELS understands the project's overall scope of work, then we can suggest how each aspect of the project will be handled.  Most projects will require a scaled plan showing all of the existing and future improvements.  ELS has an in house landscape designer who creates each plan on AutoCAD, a computer program where designs are created and printed, and works with the client on final material selection and placement.  This design process can take several weeks, depending on how intricate the project is, and how much info is required to show all of the elements desired by the client.  Once a design is complete, ELS can then finalize the total job cost, and work with the home owner or builder if "Phasing" or "Value Engineering" of the project is required.  Once the plan, scope of work and budget are finalized, ELS will then layout the construction sequence and estimated completion date.



    ELS will have the client involved as much as they desire when it comes to the installation.  Generally, there would be a meeting prior to the crews showing up, so the client has a chance to walk the site and discuss and last minute adds or changes.  Once crews are on-site, ELS manages the projects by having trained and professional foreman on-site all day managing the crews and their daily tasks.  ELS will also have supervisors on-site to help facilitate the daily tasks as the work progresses.  The ELS staff (from designer to crew) will meet regularly to discuss the evolution of the project, to make sure not only is the project being built per plan, but also within the budget.  Sometimes, unforseen issues come up during the build, and this is where ELS helps keep the project on track.  If an issue will require a design change, the in house designer can quickly draw up a solution and meet or email the client a .pdf of the revision.  This ability to quickly react to changes, saves the client money and time in the long run.



    Once a project is complete, ELS will maintain the landscape for a predetermined length of time, during and after the establishment period.  This not only helps ensure a project stays looking the way it is supposed to, but also allows the client to enjoy the new installation without worrying about whether it has enough water, fertilizer or pre-emergent.  Weekly maintenance can be pretty minimal for new landscapes, during the first few months to a year, but this is also the most important time to determine water use needs, to help minimize over or under watering of the turf and plant material.



    ELS will stand behind every aspect of work they were contracted to provide.  In the event that a problem or issue arises, ELS will quickly resolve the problem or issue, and determine why it happened.  As a standard rule, ELS will warranty all of the irrigation and drainage system(s) for up to one year after it was installed and accepted by the client.  ELS will also warranty and tree, plant or turf material for up to three months after it was installed and accepted, if it is determined that the material was improperly installed by ELS.  In the event that the plant material is installed in late fall, and the material does not survive to the following spring, ELS will warranty the plant material, again if it is determined it was installed improperly, even though it may be after the three month period.