ELS provides custom residential solutions as well.  With a complete staff of designers to specialized installation crews, ELS can help you install a new outdoor living area, update your irrigation system to take advantage of new water efficient technologies, or work with you on designing your new yard.  Residential projects require individual solutions for each yard and homeowner.  By having an in house designer, ELS can provide your new or updated outdoor living space, with a plan and phased approach to complete any size project.


By having ELS help you with your residential projects, we can help you monitor your irrigation and keep your water bills low once the project is completed.  ELS can also come back and help maintain and prune the trees and shrubs so their long term growth habits meet the intended sizes and shapes.



Let ELS help you complete your residential project and allow you to invest your money wisely, while also helping you enjoy your new space and/or view, once your project is complete.