About Us

Environmental Landscape Solutions, Inc. is a Sacramento based landscape construction company supporting landscape and hardscape needs throughout the State of California. ELS is the industry leader in multiple market segments of landscape construction and maintenance in Northern California. We have partnered with several builders and commercial property management companies to provide full-service landscape management. ELS prides itself in hiring quality professionals to provide our customers “Top Class” service from the office to the field.

We have decades of experience installing and renovating landscape and hardscape projects. This experience allows our clients to have confidence knowing that we will complete all of their outdoor improvements within budget and without hiring additional contractors. We call this our “Turn-Key Solution”. Once your project is complete, we can provide weekly, monthly or seasonal maintenance to ensure long-term care for your investment. Now is the time to call ELS and let us help you with your specific project needs.

Call us now to get started on your project – (916) 388-0308.