Trees and plants may grow, be pruned or even removed occasionally, but hardscapes should be installed to last a long time. ELS can properly install hardscapes for any project.


Whether it is dual colored, stamped and sealed or a mile-long broom finish concrete sidewalk, ELS has the professional crew and equipment to install all types of concrete hardscapes. Installing a successful concrete hardscape starts with preparation of the area to ensure proper grading, subgrade compaction, gravel base and rebar or wire mesh reinforcement, where applicable. With years of experience working with project architects, engineers and city/state agencies, we have the background and knowledge to properly install concrete on large commercial/retail projects, residential driveways and backyards.


an image of a lovely street corner adorned with lots of concrete pots and custom pavers inlaid in the groundConcrete pavers are a great option for the installation of a beautiful hardscape. With many different types of colors and finishes, concrete pavers can be installed on any project. ELS has installed acres of concrete pavers, from city streets or plazas, to various residential projects where pavers are used for driveways or outdoor living spaces. A secondary benefit to concrete pavers is that they do not crack like concrete. If there are issues that develop beneath the pavers, they can be pulled up so a repair can be made. When installed with the manufacturer’s required subgrade preparation, concrete pavers can actually make for a stronger hardscape surface than poured concrete.


ELS has years of experience installing various masonry projects. Whether you have detailed plans or need our in-house team of design and production professionals to assist you, we can help build your one-off unique masonry projects.

Custom masonry projects include:

  • Outdoor kitchen areas
  • Fireplaces
  • Pizza ovens
  • Entry pilasters or columns
  • Community sitting areas
  • Plaza centers and more

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