Landscape Maintenance

ELS provides landscape maintenance to homeowners and property management firms with the overall goal of maintaining landscapes and consistently improving them. Long-term success of a landscape is greatly influenced with weekly monitoring of irrigation and plant/grass health.  Adjusting irrigation controllers and repairing leaking sprinkler heads or drip irrigation systems can help keep monthly water bills low and prevent plant loss due to over saturated planter and turf areas.

Some homeowners or property management firms just want the basic low-cost “mow and blow” service. This may be adequate for most of the year, but additional pruning, fertilizing and aerating are required to properly promote long-term success for landscape areas. Then, when additional services are required above the normal maintenance needs, we can provide professional crews to facilitate maintenance and improvements.

Seasonal Pruning

ELS offers homeowners and property management companies seasonal pruning services in addition to a “mow and blow” weekly service to develop proper long-term growth of trees and shrubs.Our trained professionals prune and clear trimmings of trees the way the customer wants or needs their landscape maintained.

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